In the Lands of Esfr

A New Perspective

Dreams Beneath the Skin

Squeak the Wizard – Level 6
Orenthedius the Warlock – Level 6
Wasbi the Rogue – Level 6
Vin the Monk – Level 6

The group quickly follows the clue they were given, and soon comes across a secret society hiding beneath Shatterfrost. The Shattered Blades, a thieves’ guild hiding in plain sight, led by the King of Thieves. A nameless, faceless organization, the Shattered Blades gave the group a choice between blissful ignorance, or full purses. In return for wealth, the group must accept the bad with the good, and strive to meet the expectations of a cold-hearted businessman.

Are they ready to take on these responsibility? Consorting with thieves and slavers and assassins? Should they only fight for the just and noble, or will they take pay from both sides of the coin? The guilty pay just as handsomely as the innocent, sometimes more…



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