King of Thieves

Leader of the Shattered Blades


Shimmering gold mask


Not much is known about the King of Thieves. Brash, confident, and a definite sense of entitlement about him, the King of Thieves relies on his Court to maintain his operations. Under his employ there are:

The Master of Whispers, with a hardened brass mask.
The Master of Blades, with a mirrored steel mask.
The Master of Coin, with a shimmering electrum mask.
The Master of Magic, with an impenetrable adamantium mask.
The Master of Shadows, with a black steel mask.

The King of Thieves never stays in one place, though he has always had a soft spot for Shatterfrost. A land of opportunities, always with new faces around, and adventurers are bold and foolhardy, which reminds the King of himself.

King of Thieves

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