Orenthedius Ulfiriden

Looks like Frodo but with green eyes.


That’s for me to know and you to…………


Of the Wards people – the western halflings.

In the early days of my first adventures I came upon an old ruin. While exploring the nooks and crannies I discovered a hidden room that seemed almost untouched by time. Inside was an alter with tablets to the sides with unknown writings on them. The center piece was the only part that had fallen to the whims of time, crumbled to gravel and dust. I found myself drawn to the tablets, fixated on the unknown words before me. A whisper, as if from far away, sounded in my mind and without thinking my lips began to move mouthing sounds that I did not understand/recognize. My eyes moved across the tablet writings almost as if to read them, as time passed like this I began to sense a presence in the room and the sounds in my mind and on my lips slowly turned to words and sentences then silence…

Orenthedius Ulfiriden

In the Lands of Esfr Flashkiller