Rohna the Stonebuilt

Master of the Opal Iris


Dwarven Monk of the Elements


Rohna, the Stonebuilt, the Master of Earth, and the Unmoving, is a renowned fighter and expert in hand-to-hand combat. Standing an impressive 4’6", she is said to be carved from the Obelisk Crown itself, molded by the gods into their likeness. Her skin is a light tan and earthen, and she is a master of the mind and body. She often takes on pupils, but in the current state of her city Kharaldor, she is often overwhelmed and must decline many people. She only ever helps instruct classes for the Opal Iris, located in Kharaldor. Only rarely does she take on apprentices.

Her current three apprentices are Rufius, the Nomad halfling, whose wit and aloof nature is often lost on Rohna, Stromkk the Thrak, a red orc who gave up land and title to fully embrace Rohna’s teachings, and Kini, a Valyiri elf girl who was an orphan her whole life in Kharaldor. Rohna often calls her Kindness, for her heart is pure and void of anger, though Rohna often mentions that same pure-of-heart nature will hold her back when fighting for survival in the world.

Rohna the Stonebuilt

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