Kiara Shiaddow

Keeper of the Dark Onyx Iris


Silveri Shadow Monk


The Shadow that Walks. The Servant of Death. The Unseen Veil. Kiara Shiaddow is the only surviving member of the Dark Onyx Iris, a brother order to the Opal Iris. No one knows where the Dark Onyx kept their temples or where their disciples were trained, but when a secret occult began to terrorize the monks and rogues of these academies, Kiara fled to Kharaldor to seek respite. She had the one thing that she knew the cult was looking for, the Eye of Dark Onyx, one of the many revered artifacts that the order of monks protect. Seeking another wielder of the artifacts, she came upon Rohna the Stonebuilt, who revealed she was the keeper of the Eye of Opal.

Not even days past, the temple was struck from the inside by cultists lurking in their ranks. Rohna and Kiara carved a hole through the masses of assassins and thieves, helping the few survivors to escape into Kharaldor. Backed by the city’s guards, Rohna returned to the battlefield, but not before entrusting Kiara with one last command – Protect the Nine. Rohna had hers hidden, and Kiara bore the second, but Seven more still remained in the world, and two of them had already been infiltrated and ransacked. Kiara did the one thing she was told never to do. She bonded with the Eye of Dark Iris, attuning herself to the mystic power of the stone. Still, her strength endures as she comes across the one person who might be able to help her, an Undead tiefling named Vin, whom Rohna said was the only living student of hers sent out to complete the sacred rites of completing the Trial of Seasons.

Kiara Shiaddow

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