In the Lands of Esfr

The Story Begins...
Assassins in Shatterfrost

Squeak the Wizard – Level 6
Orenthedius the Warlock – Level 6
Wasbi the Rogue – Level 6
Vin the Monk – Level 6

Our heroes have just completed the first steps in becoming true members of the Adventurer’s Guild. Upon returning from their novice mission, they set out into town to explore the cityscape and understand the problems that Shatterfrost is currently facing.

While running a quick errand, the party witnesses a murder. An old man seemingly cut down by a wayward stranger, only for the party to discover that the lady posing as the man’s daughter was the real assassin. She veiled the dying man in a black cloth and maneuvered her way out of the town and off the docks. The only clue left behind was a purse of small coin and a note that Wasbi pilfered from a dockmaster.

“The Blackheart Inn.” Where is this inn, and why was it in a message written for a dockmaster?


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