The High Elves
The Asteri elves are one of the most beautiful races in the Lands of Esfr. Their skin is bronze and features sharp, with ears long and tipped at the points, and their eyes are often almond in shape, with colors of gold or brown or amber. The most identifying trait of the Asteri is their white-gold hair. Nearly all of the Asteri people have the same white or gold hair, though some of them vary into a light-brown or silvery hair. It is rare to find one with dark brown hair, but not impossible, though the Asteri should great disdain for those who would tarnish the immortal visage of the Elven race.

Said to be born from the rulers of the Feywild, the Asteri people are a dignified and imperious race of elves. When they reached the Autumnlands of the Material Plane, they claimed the land to be chosen for them. Even the world around them seems as timeless as them, mystified by their presence and untouched by the seasons. The Asteri are not known to be a welcoming people, and often ostracize the rest of the world around them.

When the Gloom struck the Lands of Esfr, thousands of Asteri perished, as the Undead hordes targeted the largest of populations. The landscape changed around them, wilted and decayed, along with their beautiful marble cities. Fearfully the Asteri people locked themselves in their strongholds, barring all who would try to enter. Only the Asteri are allowed into their elven hightowers and keeps, and only select few can enter their towns. They fear the day that the Undead are drawn again into a second cataclysm.

The Asteri are masters of magic and sword, producing the greatest wizards and druids, along with masterful fighters and swordsmen. They believe that one day the Feywild will share with them a means to combat the Undead hordes, though since the disappearance of the Fey deities, the portals into the plane of the Feywild have been lost over time.


The Wood Elves
Looked down upon by their Asteri brethren, the Valyiri have always been told that they were born of the Fey servants of the Feywild. They are similar in nature to their Elven cousins, though the Valyiri are distinguished by their softer features and thicker, darker hair. Skin more copper or pale, they often have a tinge of green or brown that allows them to flit around through foliage unnoticed. Their features are far more varying, ranging from forest green, brown and hazel eyes, and hair that is shaded with red or blonde or copper. Most of the Valyiri have dark hair and they celebrate their Fey-like appearances by dressing in more flowery or forest colors.

When the Elves graced the Material Plane, they appeared in the Autumnlands, a vast expanse of meadows and forests that closest represented the Feywild. Excited by this, the Valyiri set out away from their Asteri masters who would treat them as servants, choosing instead to explore the new lands. They met with the Men and Dwarves, and though they would often butt heads with the Orcs of the North, they soon became the closest friends of many a people.

After the destruction of the Asteri people and the sudden decision to enclose themselves from the world outside, the Valyiri people felt a sudden inherent desire to return home. Though a great many of them have found purpose in the world around them, there have been some talks of the Valyiri making peace with the Asteri as equals and helping reclaim the Autumnlands as one race. Still, they know the stubbornness of the Asteri, as well as the long memory of hardships of the Valyiri, and no such decisions have come to fruition.


The Dark Elves
Secretly beneath the sprawling hills and lush meadows of the Autumnlands, a third race was birthed in the underground from the Feywild. These are the Silveri, a race of elves that never saw the light of the Material Plane. They accepted the Underdark as their home, driving out the troglodytes and kuo-toa, preying on the weak creatures that dare threaten their new domain. Their skin is often pale and grey, though some of them have skin appearing to be wrought of black iron or coal. Like their Asteri brothers, the Silveri have white hair, though ranging more in silver or lilac in color. Their eyes are a deep purple or red or black, mirroring their dark and sinister nature.

All but forgotten by their overworld counterparts, the Silveri long to see themselves the masters of the realm. The Asteri people have countless stories of the shadows of Elfkind, the people born from the monstrosities of Feywild who hid in the darkest corners. The Silveri have resented both the Asteri and Valyiri for casting them out so easily, and despise the rest of the world. Xenophobic, angry and deprived of light and joy, the Silveri are quick to rash decisions and often lash out at those around them.

No one has heard or seen the Silveri since the Gloom rose to take the overworld. Their raids subsided, and their cities fell silent, empty and abandoned. Those who had found their way to the surface came alone and unarmed, and would not speak of what had happened to their people.


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