Kendryk Lordaeron

Magistrate of Shatterfrost


Elven Noble


Kendryk Lordaeron of the White Petal Crown, First of his Title. The magistrate lived near the town of Shatterfrost during the time of the town’s destruction nearly three hundred years ago. Recently, during the resurgence of adventurers in the area, Kendryk offered his place of residence to these wandering travelers. For his generosity, Kendryk received a place of honor in the newborn town. He worked alongside an orc named Nobara Bronzefoot, keeping order in a town of hard working citizens.

Kendryk began as the town’s officiator and judge, balancing the virtues of the town with a firm grasp of politics and ethics. He became the voice of the town, and once they began to grow in number, Kendryk rose to the top, becoming the town magistrate and noble in charge of the land around the town, including the forest.

Kendryk Lordaeron

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