Runecarver Errothes von Mirgvard

Runecarver at the Mage College


Syggard Teleportation Savant


The new hire at the College, Runecarver Errothes is a specialist in teleportation circles from the Eldercourt in Kharaldor. Runecarvers are known for securing safe passage for nobility and high paying clientele, and all teleportation rites must be conducted by an official runecarver. Errothes watches over the Circle of the Magus.

The full title of Errothes is absurd, even by his standards, but he makes a point to introduce himself fully to new faces in order for them to understand the power this man holds.

Runecarver Errothes von Mirgvard dar Songvalor wara Dain elhwa Yrggmir sora Eldercourt.

In Common, he is Runecarver Errothes, Protector of Magic, Sacred Hero of Dain, Blood of the Stone, and Keeper of the Eldercourt.

Runecarver Errothes von Mirgvard

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