Nobara Bronzefoot

Elder Sage of Shatterfrost


Abjuration Mage


Nobara Bronzefoot is the last surviving member of the Bronzefoot tribe. Long ago he fled from home to study the ways of the Magi, though when he returned Nobara found that his blood tribe Warwolves had taken claim to their lands, enacting the sacred rights of the brutish orc known as Tuk’khrat Nha, the Sacrificial Oath of Bone. They slaughtered the remnants of his people, casting their ashes across the fertile lands to complete the rites.

Without a name or people to go back to, Nobara sought his place in the lands of Arandir. He had joined the nomadic tribes of Dar Myrwa, learning form their sorcerers and shamans the ancient magics of the world. He continued his learning in the colleges around Kharaldor, but found the dwarves much too stringent in their teachings. Venturing the lands in pilgrimage, he settled along the outskirts of Arandir in the City of Hunters, being rebuilt by the adventurers who had cleared most of the rubble of Undead and wild beasts. Finding his purpose, he set to work invoking his magics, using both the teachings of the Dar Myr shamans and studious Magi, carving protection into every household of Shatterfrost.

Nobara Bronzefoot

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