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The Gloom settled onto the land over two hundred years ago. From the depths of the vile magical fog came the Undead, their fangs and claws bared to attack the outskirts of humanity. Men, elves and orcs fell in the thousands. Cities crumbled, farmlands befouled, and the world was plunged into darkness as the Gloom settled, crackling with black flames and dark lightning that wreath it.


The kingdoms of men are no more. The dwarves barely survived in their stone strongholds in the mountains and their expansive deserts, starving from overpopulation. The halflings hid in their boroughs, only emerging when the Gloom had settled, somberly awaiting a new ruler in the lands of men. The elves retreated to their halls, locking their own brethren out to save the few over the many. The orcs were shattered and divided, and could not bring themselves to combat an overwhelming foe upon their plains. The tieflings cowered in their dense forests, asking for guidance from a god that looked down upon them from they skies with no response.


With the Gloom settled, the tide of fog ebbing back slowly from the lands, the Lands of Esfr became a world driven by strife and chaos. Adventurers struck out to reclaim what had been lost in this cataclysm. What nobles survived began to either hoard for their families or distribute their wealth to drive the economy again, pushing growth throughout the remaining towns that survived the onslaughts. With nothing left, the orcs made peace with the dwarves and elves, and in return the three split their land evenly, taking most of the dwarven land for the orc tribes to repopulate. The halflings keep the lands of men, hoping one day to live up to the reputation of the noble people they once aspired to share the realm alongside. The tieflings, once thought lost behind the veil of the Gloom, have found their way through the thinnest of fogs to return to the world, though their arrival has brought some suspicion from the rest of the Esfiri.


The only king to survive the Undead genocide was the Obsidian King Omadir, the king of the mountain dwarves and ruler of the Obsidian Crown. The halflings had few masters to look towards, including Master Danothir who currently holds the Halls of Sorrow. The elves had several counts and nobles survive, their families somewhat intact. Several have thrown allegiance behind Count Aldirian, who promises to keep the walls up forever, while the rest of the elves back the Fey Princess, an elf who promises to return the elves back to the Feywild. The orcs separated into distinct tribes, ostracizing one another. The white orcs reign supreme, led by Skullcarver Mordrak, and typically force themselves onto the other orc tribes with little remorse. The tieflings look to their priests, especially the high priest Exalted, who has restored a temple dedicated to an Infernal deity Bal, who is believed to fuel the world with the sun.


Barbarians, or commonly known as Berserkers, Mongrels or Ravagers, are often members of large tribes or herds that do not keep camp for more than a few months before picking up and moving to new territories. Orcs often make the best barbarians, as do humans, but other races have been seen applying the same brutish mentality.













Scavengers, ravagers and monstrosities scour the earth. Between cities, there is always the fear of running into monsters. Ecosystems have grown where mankind has abandoned, and now returning safely has become nigh impossible. It is up to the adventurers to help the world expand and thrive once more. Goblins, gnolls and lizardfolk creep through the forests and swamps, unabated by the mists of the Gloom that threaten to consume the lands once more.

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